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Honda to Invest in Ohio for Electric Vehicle Production, Including New Battery Plant with LG Energy

Photo from 1977 when Honda announced plans to build its first manufacturing plant in Ohio.

Honda’s Historical Investment Began in Ohio

Honda announces plans in 1977 to build its first manufacturing plant in Ohio.

Making History at the Ohio Statehouse

45 years to the day, Ohio and Honda leaders reenact the historic 1977 photograph.

Gov. Mike DeWine standing at the podium at a Honda event

We Built Today, Let’s Build Tomorrow

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announces Honda will build a new EV battery plant in Fayette County

JobsOhio CEO & President J.P Nauseef at the podium

Building a Generational Opportunity in Ohio

JobsOhio CEO & President J.P Nauseef calls Honda’s $3 Billion investment a generational opportunity.

Design, Test and Deploy in Ohio

Energize your business by plugging into Ohio’s abundant resources.
Ohio is Prepared for More Battery Supply Chain Opportunities
Plug into a robust infrastructure with eager partners, local resources, and far less red tape.
Ohio Drives the Future of the Automotive Industry
R&D, skilled talent, market access, and a comprehensive supply chain make Ohio an automotive leader.
Meet the JobsOhio team at an upcoming event to learn more about innovation in Ohio.

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