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Economic Growth Results That Matter

We are committed to helping companies of various sizes in our key industry sectors grow their businesses and achieve long-term success in their economic development pursuits. Large corporations have an established presence in key industries. Middle market companies are creating the majority of the jobs and capital investment. Small businesses are innovators and drive future job growth. JobsOhio created business incentives such as grant and loan programs to support job creation, new capital investment, and Ohio economic development. Executed agreements with companies that receive grant or loan assistance from JobsOhio are reported on this page.

Monthly Executed Grants & Loans

Each month, JobsOhio provides funds to companies significantly investing in Ohio’s economy. Below is a monthly breakdown of the companies that received monetary assistance.



2021 Metrics Report

2020 Metrics Report

2019 Metrics Report

2018 Metrics Report

2017 Metrics Report

2016 Metrics Report

2015 Metrics Report


1. For projects to be included in this report, there must be an executed agreement between JobsOhio and the company. If more than one program is part of the project, those will be reported out as the individual agreements are executed.

2. These metrics reflect commitments made by companies and are subject to change per possible project modifications.

3. This report does not include any public funds or incentives awarded to a company for the projects listed.

4. *For the Redevelopment Pilot Program, the Fixed Asset Investment represents the Total Project Investment, and the Commitments include marketing of the improved site.

COVID-19 Executed Grants & Loans

JobsOhio is grateful for Governor DeWine’s principled and steady leadership, and our team has been honored to serve our fellow Ohioans during these unprecedented times. While COVID19 has presented many challenges, JobsOhio’s private structure, financial resources, a mission-oriented team with private industry experience, and the reach of the JobsOhio Network all came into play when Ohio needed it most.


JobsOhio rapidly established the Workforce Retention Loan (JOWRL) program to provide qualifying JobsOhio client companies with financial support to help them to maintain employment levels during the COVID19 outbreak. We have supported 86 companies with the JOWRL funds totaling $50 million.


JobsOhio’s Innovation Fund consists of a portfolio of software, digital services, healthcare, and financial technology companies that have venture-back funding.  Totaling up to $50 million, the JobsOhio Innovation Fund makes co-investments with venture firms fueling the growth of Ohio’s promising scale up companies.

Metric Evaluation & Expiration Date Performance Reports

Quarterly Metrics

Current and past year performance results are shown below:


Quarter 3 2021      Quarter 2 2021      Quarter 1 2021

Quarter 3 2020      Quarter 2 2020      Quarter 1 2020

Quarter 3 2019      Quarter 2 2019      Quarter 1 2019

Quarter 3 2018      Quarter 2 2018      Quarter 1 2018

Quarter 3 2017      Quarter 2 2017      Quarter 1 2017

Quarter 3 2016      Quarter 2 2016      Quarter 1 2016

Quarter 3 2015      Quarter 2 2015      Quarter 1 2015

JobsOhio Annual Report

Every year, JobsOhio publishes an annual report which highlights job growth, capital investment, Ohio advantages, and success stories, that have impacted Ohio’s economy and its communities.


Annual Report 2021

Annual Report 2020

Annual Report 2019

Annual Report 2018

Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2016

Annual Report 2015

Additional Assessments

In 2018, JobsOhio (“JO”) released its Independent Performance Assessment report, completed by McKinsey and Company. The report includes an extensive, objective, and data-driven review and analysis of a) JO’s outcomes related to deal wins, jobs created, capital investments, and payroll; and b) JO’s internal processes, organizational structure, health, and talent. A comparative assessment of the foregoing was done in context with JO’s peer economic development entities and the overall condition of the Ohio economy.


Read the Assessment

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