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Innovation Districts

Three key Innovation Districts establish Ohio as a global leader in healthcare, life sciences, and technology

JobsOhio, together with the state of Ohio and partners, is investing over $3 billion to fuel the creation of three world-class Innovation Districts in Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus. The goal is to create sustainable ecosystems of ideas, infrastructure, and talent where the world’s top people and companies come to roll up their sleeves, innovate, and grow.



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“If we want Ohio to be the most innovative, entrepreneurial state in the Midwest, we have to make sure our state is a magnet for research, capital, and talent...”
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Innovation Helps Fuel Ohio’s Economy

From inspiring new STEM graduates to creating new jobs, investment in Innovation Districts is making a significant economic impact.

Invested by JobsOhio
Estimated new jobs created
Estimated annual economic impact to the state

Investing in Innovation Across the State

Ohio’s Innovation Districts bring together three synergistic constituents:

  1. Medical and research facilities: These facilities will become incubators for generating intellectual property. They will also drive patent production and the creation of spin-off startups.
  2. Academic institutions: Will focus on STEM programs and degrees that create an ongoing, large pipeline of qualified, desirable STEM talent.
  3. Private Corporations: Large anchors and early-stage companies will benefit from STEM talent attraction and retention and the networking assets conducive to creating and commercializing new ideas. This will then boost economies in the surrounding communities and drive urban development.

These Innovation Districts are expected to inspire more than 47,000 new STEM graduates, fuel an estimated 60,000 new jobs, and generate up to $9 billion in annual economic impact to the state over ten years. JobsOhio is investing $300 million total –$100 million in each of the three Innovation Districts.

Cincinnati Innovation District

The Cincinnati Innovation District is anchored by The University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital which lead a combined $450 million each year in research. This research results in discoveries that become the basis for innovative startups in the tech and healthcare sectors.


Cleveland Innovation District

The Cleveland Innovation District is a point of collaboration among world-class healthcare, higher education, and business institutions, creating significant research, development, and job opportunities in Northeast Ohio.

Columbus Innovation District

The Ohio State University and Nationwide Children’s Hospital
lead the Columbus Innovation District which collaborate and
invest in economic growth, discoveries, and impactful career
opportunities within the state capital.

Innovation Districts Transforming Ohio Business

Ohio is already home to some of the most innovative healthcare and technology companies. Our goal in creating Innovation Districts is to ensure Ohio stays competitive by nurturing communities that attract top talent.

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