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Commercial Air Service Restoration Program

Air service is vital to economic development – JobsOhio is helping bring more of it to Ohio

Air service is essential to economic performance because it supports economic output, attracts business, supports economic development, and helps retain jobs. Without it, opportunity is limited.In Ohio, air service has experienced a greater decline in the last 20 years than other states in the Midwest. Since 2005, Ohio has lost more airline capacity than all other surrounding states losing service to 113 destinations! In that same time, only 3 new destinations were added.


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Restoring Ohio’s Air Service Capacity

Air Service creates many jobs for Ohioans and is a vital part of a region’s infrastructure when attracting business and workforce. The economic viability of commercial airports is reliant on passenger service and air cargo.

Airports contribute over $17B/year to Ohio’s economy
Air service restoration funding per fiscal year

JobsOhio is Bringing Air Service Restoration to Ohio

On June 4, 2020, the Board of Directors of JobsOhio approved the JobsOhio Air Service Restoration program for up to $10 million to jump start the restoration of air service. The Commercial Air Service Restoration Program provides Ohio’s commercial airports the opportunity to work collaboratively through public and private partnerships to retain and restore air service opportunities for economic development. The program was established to assist business attraction and retention efforts across the state by providing support for air service in qualifying markets where airlines have canceled or are planning to cancel service.


Given its unique position and funding model, JobsOhio is able to react to air service opportunities to restore capacity at Ohio’s commercial airports. As air service continues along the path to recovery, JobsOhio will pivot and target underserved domestic markets at Ohio’s smaller commercial airports and international opportunities in larger markets.

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JobsOhio Enters into Agreement with Breeze Airways


Alaska Airlines Daily Air Service Restored

The year-round daily air service from Cleveland to Seattle will have an economic impact of $111M.

The Importance of Air Service Restoration in Ohio

Air service not only creates many jobs, it’s also an important part of the local economy.

COVID-19 Impact

While Ohio has previously lagged behind other states in the Midwest in air service, the pandemic leveled the playing field. Ohio is investing for the future and is moving forward with the air service restoration program to retain and restore air service opportunities.

Commercial Air Service Restoration

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