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Success Stories


Minority-Owned Creadio Builds Multimedia Facility with Inclusion Grant

Thu Sep 09 2021
Creadio team

In 2020, social and economic factors challenged businesses to change how they operate. First, companies moved to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Around the same time, companies realized there’s more they could do to encourage equity in the workplace.

Ohio-based Creadio, a full-service marketing technology agency specializing in reaching and engaging multicultural and diverse audiences, helps companies market their products to everyone. With a mantra to keep businesses “Culturally Relevant,” Creadio had to do the same. As marketing becomes more interactive and media driven, Creadio had to build a multimedia facility with the equipment necessary to create studios for photography, video, and podcast production.

With a growing list of clients and industry shifts, Creadio sought to evolve and expand to meet the demand.

Staying Self-Funded, While Expediting Growth

As client demands grew, Creadio aimed to grow its space and expand its capabilities. Creadio recently moved into an underutilized building needing to be updated with additional space for networking and collaboration.

Creadio is a long-time self-funded company, which limited its growth speed. Creadio wanted to retain ownership long-term, so it turned to JobsOhio for funding to help speed up growth.

An Ohio economic development team composed of JobsOhio, the state’s private nonprofit economic development corporation, and its regional partner, the Regional Growth Partnership, worked with Creadio to offer a JobsOhio Inclusion Grant (JOIG).

A Boost for an In-Demand Technical Company

Created in July 2020 as part of JobsOhio’s COVID relief programming, the JOIG provides targeted funding for small- and medium-sized businesses that meet at least one of two criteria:

  1. Located in distressed areas – areas defined as those which have not recovered from the last economic recession in 2008 – or
  2. Businesses owned by underrepresented population groups, including minorities.

Creadio is minority-owned and located in a distressed area, which meant it qualified for the grant.

The JOIG is part of JobsOhio’s larger diversity and inclusion efforts to boost opportunities for underrepresented populations and communities facing economic hardships. When all of Ohio can grow and thrive, the state’s economy can recover quicker from the pandemic and stay strong into the future.

Creadio plans to add nearly 10 technical and non-technical jobs in the coming years. Its investment in the City of Toledo and choice to help redevelop an underutilized building in a historic Toledo neighborhood represents the ongoing trend of innovative businesses playing a part in revitalization. For Ohio, which has a strong industrial heritage, helping businesses like Creadio gives new life to older communities, creates new jobs, and supports a growing economy fueled by small businesses.

“Having the grant as a resource to provide much-needed, non-dilutive capital during a time when technical companies like ours are in high demand can be a game-changer. Not only for us, specifically as a company, but others doing innovative work across the state.”
Will Lucas
Founder and CEO / Creadio LLC
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