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Success Stories

Success Stories

Diamond Manufacturing’s Future Shines Bright Through Investments

$1.1 million investment helps company to expand production capacity and equipment

Wed Oct 05 2022

Company Profile

Diamond Manufacturing is located in Bluffton, Ohio and provides production solutions to a variety of manufacturers, both large and small. They specialize in production for supply chain logistics directly with Automotive and Agriculture OEMs throughout the United States.

Business Needs

Since Diamond Manufacturing started in 2010, they have always been hard at work on expanding their capabilities and operations. After only one year of being in business, they added a 5k laser in 2011. For the past decade they have added numerous machines and equipment and updated their offices to keep up with demand and contribute to the supply chain.

Ohio Solutions

Diamond Manufacturing is a proud women-owned business that has been providing manufacturing solutions to the Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois regions for over a decade. Ohio plays a large role in the manufacturing supply chain and companies like Diamond Manufacturing are the reason. Diamond Manufacturing is committed to continuously improve their facilities to which includes improvements to fabrication, machining, coating, assembly, and warehousing abilities.

To keep up with these required updates, Diamond received an investment of $1.1 million. This investment will go towards expansion as well as new machinery and equipment, which will allow for broader capabilities, grow their customer base, and diversify into other industries. The investment also contributed to the creation of 10 new jobs and retaining 58 existing jobs. JobsOhio contributed $25,000 to this investment with an inclusion grant.

“With the help of AEDG and JobsOhio we were able to purchase a new Fiber Laser to help grow our business,” said Tammy Whitlow, Vice President of Diamond Manufacturing. “Their efforts were greatly appreciated and they did an amazing job helping our Ohio Business to grow.”

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