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Success Stories

Success Stories

D&J Precision Machine Reinvents their Business

Cambridge, Ohio based business moves to distribution and wholesale as they grow their business beyond Ohio.

Wed Oct 05 2022

Company Profile

D&J Precision Machine, LLC is located in Cambridge, Ohio and builds high performance diesel engines and engine parts for monster trucks, professional truck and tractor pullers, and racing trucks. With attention to detail and precision guaranteed on every job, D&J Precision Machine provides quality engines and parts to customers in Ohio and beyond.

Business Needs

After ten years of providing diesel engine and engine parts to customers local to Cambridge, D&J Precision Machine had to pivot their business model during the pandemic in 2020. The plan was to begin distributing their products beyond Ohio directly to repair shops and through a wholesale network. In order to accomplish this, D&J needed to invest in equipment, software, and employee training to decrease lead times and accommodate for the increased output.

Ohio Solutions

Changing D&J Precision Machine’s business model required an investment of $127,600 for equipment, employee training, and building a new software with scheduling and enhanced job tracking modules to provide managers improved visibility for ongoing projects.

This investment retains current salaries and allows for a $100,000 annual salary increase over a three-year period. There is also a plan to add three positions to the company, which includes two production machinists and one clerical employee.

The new software is a full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which allows better inventory management and quicker ordering, reducing lead times. Being able to quickly respond to direct orders from repair shops plays a key role in growing this new segment of their business.

JobsOhio, in partnership with OhioSE, supported this investment with a $25,000 inclusion grant. This investment from JobsOhio has aided D&J Precision Machine in making this new business model a success. Since they’ve moved to distribution, they have had business from every state except Hawaii and almost two-thirds of their current sales are ordered and shipped to customers outside Ohio. With the help of the JobsOhio inclusion grant, D&J is over performing on their metric commitments and has exceeded their growth projections.

“We have had great success growing our business in South East Ohio,” said Drew Pumphrey, CEO, D&J Precision Machine. “The people of the community have provided our business with great hard working employees. Ohio Jobs has been there to help in multiple ways as we have needed it along the way.”

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