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Enjoy a low cost of living with small town charm

Discover Southeast Ohio

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See what’s going on in the communities that make up Southeast Ohio

Southeast region waterfall in a national park
When [hikers] reach Cedar Falls, they catch a glimpse of a dramatic 50-foot waterfall into a crystal pool below. Here hikers can descend a staircase and view the tallest tree in Ohio, a towering hemlock that extends upward 149 feet from the valley below.
Barbara Barrielle
Travel Awaits
Companies in our region routinely report that facilities have higher productivity and lower turnover than facilities in other locations. Competition for workers is less, and a good job is valued here.
Ohio Southeast Economic Development Website
Southeast Ohio region
Southeastern Ohio is on an upward trajectory, and I am optimistic that we can continue improving the economic well-being of our region.
Taylor Stepp
Project Manager, OhioSE

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