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Our Mission

JobsOhio is a private nonprofit corporation designed to drive job creation and new capital investment in Ohio through business attraction, retention and expansion efforts.

About JobsOhio

Economic development is about creating a place where companies can thrive and individuals can enjoy a higher standard of living. JobsOhio plays a leading role in economic development and serves as a catalyst to accelerate growth by investing in communities, helping Ohio’s businesses expand and attracting new companies to the state – all contributing to job creation, greater payrolls and more investment.

Making a difference is a core value for JobsOhio. Our strategies and programs are designed to improve the lives of Ohioans and strengthen the communities where they live. Here’s how:

  • Nine industry targets with five cross sector strategies: JobsOhio focuses on nine industries and five cross sector strategies that help to diversify Ohio’s economy. These industries and strategies leverage Ohio’s strengths and offer significant future investment and job growth. JobsOhio sector teams partner closely with industry leaders to attract new investment opportunities to the state.
  • A Partner in Business: JobsOhio takes a client-focused approach to projects by listening to companies and addressing their business needs. By partnering with company executives, JobsOhio builds long-term relationships that are unique to JobsOhio’s economic development model.
  • Improving Communities: In addition to company relationships, JobsOhio values its relationship with local economic development partners across the state. JobsOhio has made investments in communities to revitalize sites, authenticate sites for immediate development, and address workforce challenges.
  • Return on Investment for Ohio: JobsOhio makes investment decisions that support a company’s unique project needs while also balancing the return on investment benefits to the state. Along with making smart investments, JobsOhio remains highly transparent and holds companies accountable to deliver their metric commitments through their evaluation periods.
  • Direct and Indirect Results: The impact of JobsOhio on projects extends beyond the reported results. The jobs, payroll and capital investment metrics represent results tied directly to projects. Those metrics do not reflect the projects’ indirect impacts, including construction jobs, supply chain activities and other economic benefits from the investment.

In partnership with our state and local partners, JobsOhio has redefined economic development and epitomizes a model that others are trying to emulate across the country and around the globe.

JobsOhio 2020 Results

JobsOhio works collaboratively with regional and local economic development partners across the state to help companies create and retain jobs and payroll and support capital investment.


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New Jobs Payroll

"JobsOhio has changed the way the state of Ohio presents itself to the world of business.  JobsOhio takes a professionalized regional approach to economic development attraction and expansion; links workforce recruitment to economic investment; responds knowledgeably to attraction and expansion requests with industry-specific expertise; and represents all of the state to the world of investors with coordinated and sophisticated data capabilities."

—Dr. Edward (Ned) Hill
professor of economic development policy, public policy and public finance The Ohio State University

A Trusted Partner

We have a commitment to doing what’s right and acting with integrity. We believe that being clear about our intentions is the first step in establishing trust.

JobsOhio Partner Programs Support Creation of 19,000 New Jobs in 2020

Swift Covid Recovery Efforts Impacted 300,000 Jobs Across the State
March 1, 2021

JobsOhio Reports Strong Momentum While Building New Strategies for the Future

Under new leadership, JobsOhio had its second-best year for new payroll commitments and third-best year for capital investment
February 28, 2020

Ohio: Getting to the Heart of Economic Development

Ohio: Getting to the Heart of Economic Development

Amazon’s latest expansion in Ohio highlights the unique mix of assets that continue to draw global businesses to the state
Dana A. Saucier, vice president & head of economic development, JobsOhio
August 19, 2019

Ohio’s unique set of assets help it stand out when companies seek to relocate or expand in the state.

JobsOhio’s Five-Year Aspirations

Independent performance assessment guides JobsOhio strategy
Andrew Deye, managing director, JobsOhio
March 4, 2019

JobsOhio leverages the findings of the McKinsey & Company independent performance assessment to set goals. By employing sound strategies and taking smart, calculated risks, JobsOhio and its economic development partners across the state are striving to better serve companies and Ohio.

JobsOhio ranks as the No. 3 state economic development organization in the country, according to a new survey of U.S. corporate executives and site selection consultants released at the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) Annual Conference.

"The collaborative approach that JobsOhio has taken to improve Ohio's competitiveness is working, both in my district and throughout the state."

—Bill Reineke
Ohio House of Representatives
Jobs Ohio Model

Why the JobsOhio Model Works

With a unique business model, JobsOhio operates unlike any other state economic development organization.
David Mustine, senior advisor, JobsOhio
April 5, 2018

JobsOhio has a unique business model. Unlike other state economic development organizations, JobsOhio is a nonprofit company that has a private funding stream and an independent board of directors. This structure is designed for continuity and long-term stability.

Understanding JobsOhio's Funding

JobsOhio’s funding model is unlike the funding model for any economic development organization in the country in that absolutely no tax dollars or other public dollars are used to support it. JobsOhio is a private nonprofit corporation wholly funded by an independent private source – the profits from the JobsOhio Beverage System (JOBS) liquor enterprise.

JobsOhio History

February 2011 February 2011: House Bill 1 creates JobsOhio.
June 2011 June 2011: House Bill 153 authorizes transfer of liquor enterprise to JobsOhio.
July 2011 July 2011: First JobsOhio board of directors meeting.
February 2013 February 2013: JobsOhio purchases liquor enterprise from the state.
September 2017 September 2017: JobsOhio named #3 best economic development organization.