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Hyland’s Ohio Expansion Proves IT Companies Succeed in Ohio

Sun Aug 26 2018
Hyland team working in the office

Hyland’s recently announced expansion plans to create 500 jobs is part of a growing trend among IT companies: expand in Ohio and operate with a Silicon Valley mindset, without the Silicon Valley cost.

Based in Northeast Ohio, Hyland got its start when its founder created an enterprise content management (ECM) solution for a client who wanted to reduce the amount of documents his business printed each day. That ECM has evolved into OnBase, Hyland’s software for managing content, processes and cases. Hyland serves more than 15,500 customers across the globe and employs more than 1,600 people at its global headquarters in Northeast Ohio and more than 2,200 around the world. In 2017, Hyland landed on Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list for the fourth straight year.

The growing demand for Hyland’s ECM solutions has resulted in significant growth and the need to add more office space. Hyland’s executives began looking to expand at one of their current locations in either Nebraska, Arizona, Utah or the company’s Ohio headquarters.

In 2016, Hyland officials announced their plans to expand the company’s headquarters, adding a 70,000-square-foot-building to its Westlake campus and 500 jobs with an expected payroll of $25 million. Hyland continues to benefit from Ohio’s competitive business climate. The state has the lowest tax rate in the Midwest and a much lower cost of doing business than the East and West coasts. The growing number of millennials working in Ohio is another attractive benefit.

“Northeast Ohio provides an outstanding platform of talent and work ethic that is indispensable to growing our global IT services,” said Rick Kirk, director of operations at Hyland.

“JobsOhio and Team NEO provided a turnkey approach to readily accommodate our growth in Westlake.”
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