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Ohio is a great place to do business – and these companies agree.


Wondering how to take advantage of the grants, funds, and tax incentives offered in Ohio? We’ll work with you on a customized incentive package that will give your business the opportunity to grow.

sophie tricaud
JobsOhio and Columbus did an amazing job understanding our needs, connecting us with lots of potential partners for the building project and our future business. The people we met, and their expertise were key in the decision process
Sophie Tricaud -
Vice President of Corporate Affairs / Forsee Power

Growth Capital Fund

Sometimes, it takes a little help to get a great thing off the ground. We invest in early stage companies who are Ohio-based or planning a presence in Ohio.

matt sokany
Having this access to capital gave us the confidence to continue our company’s commitment to Ohio. JobsOhio’s ability to offer capital at reasonable terms in an expedited timeline was critical.
Matt Sokany -
President & CEO / Standard Bariatrics


The best economies are the ones where everyone gets a say. JobsOhio offers several key programs striving to attract capital, create opportunity and grow talent for all Ohioans.

Aldephi Bank founder Kevin Boyce headshot over white background
JobsOhio was a catalytic partner during the bank organization and since we have opened. Our ability to make a difference in historically underserved communities will improve entrepreneurship, homeownership, and access to other banking services thanks to the investment.
Kevin L. Boyce -
Founder / Adelphi Bank


There’s nothing like finding the perfect spot for your business to grow – we’re here to help you find a site that checks all the boxes.

bruce myers
The region has proven to be a good business partner, receiving additional support from our partnership with OhioSE and JobsOhio. We see this as an opportunity to leverage the favorable logistics to both the Northeast and Southeast regions.
Bruce Myers -
President / Benestar Brands


Trying to find, hire, or train qualified talent? JobsOhio can help, with innovative programs designed to keep our workforce strong and connect you to the right talent.

arleen paulino
The vibrant business environment, access to a growing talent pool, favorable operating costs, and central location from a logistics perspective were all important reasons behind our decision to locate here.
Arleen Paulino -
Senior Vice President of Manufacturing / Amgen