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Ohio’s ManuFACTuring Advantage: Fast Facts at a Glance

Short, sweet and to-the-point facts about manufacturing in Ohio

Glenn Richardson, JobsOhio managing directorTue Sep 12 2017
Ohio’s ManuFACTuring Advantage: Fast Facts at a Glance

We’ve heard about the “speed of light,” but what about the “speed of manufacturing?”

Manufacturing is evolving at a rapid pace. So rapidly that recent news quickly becomes a thing of the past. Manufacturers are constantly finding ways to streamline processes, monitor production, reduce costs, reach customers and stay ahead of the curve.

Ohio is home to resources for manufacturing innovation including a skilled talent pool; access to suppliers, supply chain and customers; R&D; comprehensive logistics options; academic and government partnerships; and a strong STEM education system. Essentially, Ohio has everything that manufacturers need for today and tomorrow.

Here are some of Ohio’s manufacturing advantages at a glance:

Construction Ready Sites

Workforce Watch

  • The third largest manufacturing workforce in the nation (nearly 700,000 workers).
  • More than 80 campuses at 27 colleges and universities in Ohio graduate 11,700 engineers and engineer techs each year.
  • Innovative apprenticeship training programs.

Customer/Supplier Connection

  • Sixty percent of the U.S. and Canadian populations are within one day's drive.
  • An extensive manufacturing ecosystem, including 1,200 companies or establishments involved in metals and components.
  • More than 1,800 plastics and rubber industry establishments.
  • An integrated transportation infrastructure, including roads, rails, water and air.

Business Climate

  • Lowest taxes in the Midwest for manufacturing.
  • A balanced budget with $2 billion in reserves.
  • No tax on: corporate profits; inventory; machinery, equipment and R&D investments; products sold to customers outside the United States.

Competitive Energy Prices

  • Ohio’s location on the Utica and Marcellus shale has resulted in an abundance of reliable and sustainable natural gas.
  • Ohio has a growing number of gas-fired power plants.

Innovation Infrastructure

  • Ohio participates in four of 14 federal innovation institutes (Manufacturing USA): IACMI, AmericaMakes, LIFT and NextFlex.
  • Ohio spends $10 billion annually on R&D in science and technology.
  • Ohio is home to resources such as:
    • The Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Network, Ohio Academic Resources Network (OARnet) and The Ohio Supercomputer Center.
    • Industry-leading companies including GE, Emerson, Rockwell Automation.
    • Nationally ranked research universities, including The Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve University and University of Cincinnati.
    • University of Akron’s Polymer College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering program.
    • Federal research organizations, including NASA’s Glenn Research Center, Wright Patterson Air Force Air Force Research Laboratory and Battelle Labs.

To learn more about Advanced Manufacturing in Ohio, visit our Advanced Manufacturing page.

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